Adobofest 2016 Sign-Up: Prize update…$250 to the winner! Last chance to sign up!

Welcome to the Adobofest 2016 Contestant Registration page!

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Adobofest 2016

October 2nd Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM at Kultura Festival Emporium Arcade - Logan Square 2363 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago 60647

(Please tell your friends, neighbors, foodies and people you like!)

This is our 9th year and we are simplifying the rules.

  1. Free to enter and get into Kultura Festival with one assistant.
  2. 8 of 12 Spots open (as of Wednesday 9/28 3:34 PM)
  3. Read the rules.
  4. Fill out the form at the bottom
  5. Bring a pot as big or small as you want to compete
  6. First Twelve are IN!
Our rules are simple and are intended to minimize hard feelings and to keep it fair for all! The Registration form is at the bottom.  Submitting your information confirms your understanding and agreement  to these rules. The basics: All contestants that meet requirements, at the end of the day, will receive the following Appreciation Gifts:
  • One $25 Target Gift Card to help offset their expenses.
  • Bag of Three Horses Jasmine Rice
All contestants will be eligible for trophies in the following categories
  • Peoples Choice
  • Best Tasting Adobo ($200 Prize)
The only requirements are:
  • Be one of the Twelve to sign-up for the limited contestant openings below!
  • Try to bring a large amount of adobo...10 lbs (Big Pot)  minimum is only requirement. 20 lbs is recommended. Make sure you can cut or pre-cut servings into small 1/2 ounce servings...1" square (approximate) you can pass out samples to as many people as possible.
  • Follow the rules, be a good sport and have fun!
Good Luck with your recipes and Happy Tasting-Testing-Tasting- Test….!! Here are the rules: -Questions:
  1. As a contestant, you will have many chances to ask clarifications of any and all rules below.  We will have several opportunities to have a conference call with all competitors before the Adobofest. Along with email updates to all, and postings on,  this call may be the best way to understand the rules.
  2. If you have any immediate questions, please email me at or call me at 773-236-2614.
-Your Adobo Dish:
  1. You are allowed to use any ingredients in your adobo.  Although adobo traditionally has Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Garlic and Chicken or Pork, you are allowed to use any or none of these ingredients to make the best Adobo that appeals to attendees and the Judges.
    1. Note: If you are a finalist for the Best Tasting Adobo, the judges grade on 2 categories, 25% for creativity and 75% on taste.
  2. You can also name your adobo dish whatever you want. Creativity is appreciated by the judges and attendees.  You will enter this name in the form below.
  1. All contestants are asked to provide a 10 lb's  of adobo. 20 lbs is ideal. ( about 2 large pots) of cooked ready to serve adobo. We ask since some past competitors only brought 1 small pot of adobo and were unable to advance. Steam trays, frames and sterno will be issued for free to all contestants who want one. They are not required.
  2. All contestants must arrive and report in by 10:15 AM, on Sunday, Octover 2nd, inside of Emporium Arcade, 2363 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60647.
  3. Each contestant will be assigned 1/3 of a 8 foot table of space ( about 2.5 feet wide and 2.5 deep)  to decorate and serve up their adobo.  Spaces are randomly assigned, first come, first place. Each space has a number and will become your contestant number that is at the bottom of your sample cups. This is your contestant number for the rest of the day.
    1. You can decorate this area anyway you want. (Hint: Make it appealing and match the decorations to the name of your Adobo.)
  4. All contestants will be given 250 one-ounce sample cups to serve a small sample of your adobo to each attendee.  By managing your servings, realistically, you will be able to provide at least 240 servings (1 lb = 16 ounces, 16 x 15 lbs of adobo = 240 ounces. Make each serving slightly smaller, you can serve more.) . Note: Therefore, all attendees can have as much as 3/4 lb of adobo and white rice on their plates.  Thus, don’t feel that you have to give them so much that you run out of adobo, however, if you give them too little, your adobo may get ‘lost’ amongst the others.  Tactics need to be considered.
    1. Each cup will have your space number written on the bottom so a taster can refer to your dish when they pick their favorite adobo and mark it on their ballot.
    2. In order for a person to receive a sample of your adobo, he or she will need to present their ballot with your space number on it, unmarked.  If a person cannot provide such a ticket, or if your numbers is all ready marked, this person has all ready received a sample from you or had not paid.
  5. As soon as the tastings begin at around 11 AM, volunteers will go to each contestant and collect five (5) two ounce samples for judging in lidded containers assuming each competitor will be a ‘Best Tasting Adobo’ finalist. Hint: The sample for the judges does not have to be the same that is served to the attendees, HOWEVER, the ‘secret taster’ attendees will be the ones determining which adobo makes it to the finals.
    1. Feel free to ‘garnish up’ this judge sample
    2. All five of the contestant samples will be assigned a letter that does not correlate to the contestant’s space number.  This letter will be referenced in the ‘Best Tasting Adobo’ competition IF the contestant is one of the five finalists.  All contestants will be allowed to verify their samples before judging begins.
-Categories, qualifications and winner selection process
  1. People’s Choice Winner
    1. All adobo sample cups will have the contestant’s space number on the bottom.
    2. All 12 contestants are eligible to win this award.
    3. Each tasting attendee will receive a ballot / raffle card with the numbers 1-12.
    4. After tasting all of the adobo samples, the voter will note number of the adobo sample liked the most and give the ballot to that chef. The Chef will turn in their envelope with all of their collected ballots.
    5. The contestant who receives the most ballot votes will win the “Adobofest 2016 Peoples’ Choice” trophy award.
  2. Best Tasting Adobo Winner
    1. Qualifying Round:
      1. The Top Five contestants that receive the highest 'People's Choice Winner' votes will have their set of 5 - two ounce samples judged in the ‘Best Tasting adobo’ taste-off by the guest Chef judges at approximately 2:15 PM..
      2. All five finalists will get to verify their sample sets before judging.
    2. Five Finalists Round
      1. In random order, the judges, on the stage, will receive a set of five adobo samples from one of the finalists.
      2. All of these samples will have the same letter written on the bottom.
      3. Each judge will have a blank ballot to write down their initials, the sample's letter and their ratings for Creativity and Taste.
      4. All Judges will then remove the lids of their sample. They will review its aroma and visual presentation.  They will then taste the sample. They will not necessarily finish the entire sample.
      5. Each judge will grade each sample as follows, out of 100 points, and write their respective ratings on the ballot
        1. Creativity: 1-25, 25 as the highest
        2. Taste: 1-75, 75 as the highest
        3. As an example, 25 points for Creativity and 65 points for taste scores 90 total points.
      6. After they write down their ratings, the judges will then comment on the sample they tasted to the crowd.
      7. After each sample tasting, the judge will have white rice and water to cleanse their pallet in order to taste the next sample with fresh senses.
      8. After all of the judge’s ballots have been completed, they will be collected. All of the judges scores will be totaled to be the combined score.   The highest combined score from all of the judges ballots will be declared ‘Chicago’s Best Tasting Adobo” of Adobofest 2014 and receive their trophy.
        1. If there is a tie, the one with the highest totaled ‘Taste’ score will be declared the winner.
          1. If still a tie, by a count of hands, the judges will determine which of the tied adobo’s they like best. Majority wins the title.
  3. All Decisions are final.
-Completing the form gives the Filipino American Network permission to use any photos taken for promotional purposes of Adobofest and FAN. Thanks for reading! If you have any immediate questions, please email me at or call me at 773-236-2614. We have 12 openings. It is first signed-up first entered. No fee to enter, just a promise to show up. Depending on interest and space, we might add more spaces. Please note: Once you complete this form below and ‘click submit’ you are acknowledging agreement and understanding of the rules above. Thanks so much for your participation and joining us this year at Adobofest!