Co-Alliance to Help Japan Fundraiser- Over $30K raised!

Thanks so much to all who attended and volunteered! This evening was a wonderful success with 125 attendees and the help of so many volunteers and community leaders. In addition to ticket sales, it was the auction, individual donations and two very large sponsorship checks by OCA Chicago and Samsung that helped put us over the $30K threshold. And now the thanks!!!..... Thanks to Unscene Media and Mike Maravilla for his beautiful photo gallery! Thanks toHataw Pinoy and Alan Serrano for additional video (loaded shortly) We are so grateful to our Emcee Cheryl Hamada. Her is the link to her speaking points. ( CAHJ - Cheryl Hamada Emcee Version 3 FINAL) Also included is our PowerPoint presentation (Co-alliance Powerpoint )that was shown in a closed loop on our 2 LCD screens. We thank Tony Morain of Direct Relief International for attending and speaking to the attendees. We thank our Co-Alliance partners,  Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) and Japanese American Service Committee (JASC) for building momentum within the community and in helping to put this event together!  Specifically, Susan Tybon, CEO of JASC, Bryan Hara, JACL boar member and intern Christine Munteanu, also of JACL. We also thank our community co-hosts for getting their members to donate and attend: the OCA-Chicago, KABA (Korean American Bar Association), IABA (Indian American Bar Association), AABA (Asian American Bar Association), and KOWIN (Korean Women's International Network) And of course, without the support of Billy Dec, Rockit Ranch Productions, and his team members, Aeron Lancero , Sunda’s Operating Partner, for his help in getting his partners informed and onboard, his manager Cathy Kim, whose coordination and attention to details made this evening a truly wonderful experience, Gephine  Fernandez, who’s internship and dialogue enabled this wonderful effort to go from concept to reality, his Executive Chef, Jesse Guzman who designed our menu and the volunteered time of his serving staff, this event would not have been as successful in our fundraising efforts. Because of the support above, 100% of all proceeds went directly to Direct Relief International. Again, thanks to everyone for your efforts and enabling us to show our communities that we can come together for important causes! Sincerely, Edgar Jimenez President of the Filipino American Network The invitation and background Details: The Co-Alliance to Help Japan, consisting of The Filipino American Network, Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) and Japanese American Service Committee (JASC) with absolute appreciation for 100% support from Rockit Ranch Productions,  is hosting a "Help Japan Fundraiser" on Friday, April 15th, at Sunda. Sunda  restaurant(a Rockit Ranch Production),  located at 110 West Illinois Street, is presenting this fundraising dinner / silent auction for Direct Relief International (DRI), to directly benefit the recent earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.  Direct Relief International, one of the top rated charities in the United States, is currently coordinating support for relief and recovery efforts in high-level emergency consultations with Japanese organizations, business leaders, and government officials. The event, to be held on Friday, April 15th, will feature a cocktail reception with passed hors d’oeuvres starting at 6:00pm followed by a four-course seated dinner. Dinner will be accompanied by live performances that include JASC  Tsukasa Japanese Taiko drummersClassical Japanese dance by Fujima  Shunojo and Fujima Yoshinojo, and Japanese Minyo (folk music) by Yoko Noge with shamisen accompaniment by Tatsu Aoki. Also during dinner, members of the associated groups and Direct Relief will be showcasing their current efforts to provide relief to the people of Japan.

100.0 % of all donated proceeds go to Direct Relief International. All costs are being covered by the Co-Alliance members, co-hosts and Sunda restaurant.  As you will see below, all monies go directly to the efforts in Japan.

Please click here for the: Tickets are $150,   100% of ticket donation goes directly to Direct Relief International: Sponsorship Level donations can also be made to Direct Relief International via: Seats are limited.  As of today, only 10 of the 120 seats remain. More information about Fred Deasis Silent Auction Donation:
Two Koi - Japan and Philippines
Mixed media, acrylic on 12 pts card stock. Custom matted (16" x 20" ), framed with glass. Valued at $1200. An Open Bid item. Its Meaning - Two koi - Philippine (Filipinos)  and Japan (Japanese) together. Koi fish symbolizes strength in time of adversity,  persistence and the willingness to go on even though you are being swept away. It also symbolizes surpassing expectations. The Koi fish swimming upriver can show that a person has overcome various obstacles and not only does he or she keep standing, but he or she has come out victorious. About Fred Deasis: Manila born international Chicago area artist. Studied fine arts in Asia, Europe and USA. Fred DeAsis is one of the most  prolific Filipino American artist in America. He is well known for his traveling Kut-kut cultural art exhibits and Philippine art and culture lectures in universities and other learning institutions. He was the recipient of 2006 Filipino American and the 2007 Asian American Hall of Fame awards for outstanding achievement of an individual in promoting arts and culture in North America. In 2008, he was given the Distinguished Citizen award by the Philippine American Cultural Foundation for his annual arts and cultural projects for the community. Last year, he received the much coveted 2010 CFO Presidential Award from the president of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III, for outstanding achievement and service in the field of Arts and Culture. The international award is given every two years to highly selected individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements on their given field. Last year’s awards were presented to 24 recipients from 13 countries. Mr. DeAsis is writing a book on ancient Asian arts and culture. His  current artful activities could be found on his Facebook account: Fred DeAsis and website:  Questions and inquiries via email -- Thanks so much Fred for your very generous and symbolic work of art. If you would like to donate items for the silent auction or  have any questions, please contact Edgar at or 1-773-236-2614.