“Embrace the Islands” is about longterm help!

'Embrace the Islands' is about helping both Filipino's and non-Filipinos understand and appreciate what the Philippines has to offer. We are cancelling our original Field Museum fundraiser, that was  scheduled for Feb 8th,  so the maximum amount of donations can go directly to proven charities with on-the-ground operations throughout the region. We thank the Field Museum, it staff and leadership for their support!  Events and activities of all kinds are planned at the Field Museum in the very near future. Our mission has evolved.  We have decided to  support the many upcoming Typhoon Haiyan Relief events that will be needed for years to come.  We are moving beyond a single event. We have launched our new website, www.embracetheislands.org

“Embrace the Islands”, led by the Filipino American Network,  is a co-alliance of Chicago based not-for-profits, partners and sponsors who want to promote and share the beauty and culture of the Philippines.

“Embrace the Islands” will support and promote Typhoon Haiyan fundraising relief efforts throughout Chicago land as long as help is still needed.

This site will also continuously compile reports and information about the Philippines.

Thank you to those who have been part of the planning team from the beginning!  And thank you for supporting our mission's evolution!  You have been an incredible asset to our network and in strengthening the community.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! And thank you, dear FAN supporter,  for your inspiration, good wishes and helping to get the word out. Very, Very Gratefully,

Edgar Jimenez

Executive Director Embrace the Islands  Awareness Building Initiative