FABEX Networking. Cubs Doughnuts. Seafood City. Thursday. 11/3. $10

Are you Business Minded? Can your business benefit from fresh perspectives from successful business leaders? Would you love to expand your social and owners network? Have you been to Seafood City? Have you ever had a Cubs donut? So many 'Wins' for only $10. Come on out to ‘FABEX: The Art of the Deal, for Real!’ event to Thursday, November 3rd, from 7-9 PM at SeaFood City. fan-cubs-donut-network Seafood City will let us place pre-orders for all of their food court restaurants, so NO having to wait in line! Check out their menu over the next few days and be ready to place your order when you arrive!  Sorry, no discounts but more time to network, meet, greet and eat. THAT is a DEAL! Cubs Bonus: Our Guest Speaker, Dunkin Donuts Franhisee, Jaime DeJuras, will be providing us CUB’s donuts! THAT in itself is worth the $10 admission. Click here to buy tickets for friends and colleagues you admire, respect and like, to come on out this Thursday! Have a Great Week and Let’s do this World Series right! Go Cubbies nothing-happens-unless-first-we-dream-cubs