Happy 2016….And some New Year Superstitions!!

After a conversation about New Year traditions from the Old Country, I wanted to share some Good Luck traditions so you can have a great 2016!

From Tagaloglang.com....

15 Filipino Superstitions on New Year's Eve

There are so many interesting Filipino superstitions or folk beliefs associated with New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in the Philippines. Filipinos say you should observe the following customs and traditions to ensure that the new year being welcomed is a prosperous one. Many of these superstitions bear a strong Chinese influence. 1. Make as much noise as you can to scare away evil spirits. 2. Turn on all lights so that the coming year is bright. 3. Open all doors, windows, cabinets and drawers to let good fortune in. 4. Debts must be paid off. Fill you wallet with fresh peso bills. (Filipinos believe that whatever your financial state is in at the stroke of midnight, so it will be in the new year.) 5. Clean everything. 6. Wear polka-dots. Anything round signifies prosperity. 7. Scatter coins around the house, on tabletops.... inside drawers… 8. Jump twelve times at midnight to increase your height. (Observed by Filipino children.)
9. Prepare 12 round fruits, one for each month of the coming new year. 10. Have a very round grape in your mouth at the stroke of midnight. \\ 11. Eat a native delicacy made from sticky rice to make good fortune stick in the new year. 12. Eat long noodles (pansit) for long life. 13. Don't have chicken or fish. They are associated with the scarcity of food.
14. Don't clean anything! You might sweep away the good fortune that came in on New Year's Eve. 15. Don't spend money at all. Your thriftiness on the first day of the year will augur your money management in the coming year.
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