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Nepal Earthquake survivors
(From Direct Relief's April 26 Nepal Earthquake: Emergency Update Newsletter) In response to yesterday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, Direct Relief immediately activated its emergency response effort, contacting Nepal- and India-based healthcare partners and mobilizing rapidly to provide critically needed resources to care for people in the affected areas. Initial assessments have reported 2,400 people having been killed, thousands injured, and hospitals and other medical facilities overwhelmed. The Government of Nepal yesterday requested international assistance and declared states of emergency in the affected areas. Direct Relief has a strong medical-supply inventory valued at over $100 million on hand, and yesterday made all of it available as needed for the response. In addition, Direct Relief committed an initial $50,000 in cash — regardless of whether any specific Nepal-designated contributions are received — to jumpstart the response. Direct Relief’s emergency response manager, Gordon Wilcock, is enroute today to Nepal and will be coordinating Direct Relief’s activities in concert with partner organizations and other international actors that also are responding. The general needs are obvious and extreme, but on-the-ground coordination efforts are essential to ensure that the resources being mobilized and delivered are targeted, well managed, and distributed efficiently within the very dynamic situation. Since 2008, Direct Relief has delivered over $1,000,000 worth of medicines and supplies to excellent, committed healthcare provider partners in Nepal, primarily those working to improve maternal and child health. The support has been ongoing, but also last year included responding to massive flooding that occurred in the region. With deep sadness for the tragedy that occurred in an instant yesterday, Direct Relief is responding as fast and expansively as possible to ensure that the effects of this tragedy do not claim additional lives and to help those who have survived overcome the enormous challenges that exist and will remain for an extended period.

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