Adobofest 2009 Gallery

Adobofest 2009 was a wonderful success, thanks to so many wonderful volunteers, organizations and contributions!

On Sunday, September 13th, on the Northwest Side of Chicago at LaBagh Woods, over 700 attendees experienced our 2nd annual Adobofest. All of this could not have been possible without the incredible contributions of all of our volunteers, contestants and event / charity partner Gawad Kalinga

Here are 3 links to video and photos courtesy of Mike Maravilla of Unscene Media and Alpha Nicolasin of Community Builder. Enjoy!
Thanks for the  Great jobs Mike and Alpha!! article

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  "Chicago's Best Tasting Adobo"
-Victoria Almiron.
"People's Choice" winner
-Larry and Ginger Leopoldo.  

Best Tasting winner groups:
Home Health Care Agency
-Racquel Cajalne
College / University  
-Carmela Legaspi

The five "Best Tasting Adobo"  finalists: 
Finalist #1 -JP Jael  and Geri Aglipay
Finalist #2 -Victoria Almiron
Finalist #3 -Christianne Deang
Finalist #4 -Camela Legaspi
Finalist #5 -Ginger & Larry Leopoldo   

The contestants who really made the day a Huge Success!  Thanks so much!!

  1. JP Jael and Geri Aglipay
  2. Vicky Almiron
  3. Alvin Ang
  4. Margie Boereme
  5. Ray Borja
  6. Racquel Cajalne
  7. Flor Clarito
  8. Patrick Collera
  9. Melvin Dumanlang
  10. Lake Icao
  11. Christianne Leang
  12. Carmela Legaspi
  13. Larry and Ginger Leopoldo
  14. Felina Lopez
  15. Minda Menor
  16. Ray Nonato
  17. Sheryl Ann Pol
  18. Josie Yamping

Our Media Partners:

  1. Alpha Nicolasin, "Hataw Pinoy Chicago" and Fil-Am Community Builder Newspaper.
  2. Rome Nichols and Ron Bilaro, "Life...Pinoy Style"
  3. Ryne Dionosio, ""
  4. Mike Maravilla, Unscene Media


  1. Marianne Aban
  2. Jerry Balbin
  3. Karla Cajalne
  4. Micha Coloma
  5. Ryne Dionosio
  6. Odie Escando
  7. Alexandria Gerrick
  8. Marinell Malungcot
  9. Rome Nichols
  10. Alpha Nicolasin
  11. Joshua Nicolasin
  12. Donna Reyes
  13. Anna Sisson
  14. Mitch Serranilla
  15. Michelle Lura White

Our Judges:

  1. Ron Bilaro
  2. Paolo Escobar
  3. Rey Espiritu
  4. Marilyn McNabb

Our Sponsors

  1. EthnikRoots
  2. Dr. Jeremy Bonsol
  3. Pacific Home Health Care
  4. Three Horses Jasmine Rice
  5. Mama Sita


  1. Chicago Dirt Riders
  2. AFIRE
  4. Believe International
  5. Ron Bilaro’s Book
  6. Gawad Kalinga
  7. Bakit Why
  8. Couples for Christ
  9. Hataw Pinoy Chicago (2)
  10. Samahang Kapatid
  11. Ethnik Roots
  12. U.S. Census (Jerry Clarito)
  13. Dr. Jeremy Bonsol, Wellness Revolution

Perfomances and Entertainment by:

  1. Hataw Pinoy Chicago
  2. Life...Pinoy Style with Ron Bilaro
  3. Samahang Kapatid
  4. Roxas Brothers
  5. Eskrima, Arnis and Kali demonstrations by Kamilan led by Edie Mesina
  6. Dr. Albert Capati
  7. C.A.R.E. - Chicago Angklung and Rondalia Ensemble led by Espie Magno
  8. Pabitin adn Hampas Palayok built by Micha Coloma

Again congratulations to our winners and infinite praise and thanks to our volunteers, contributors and contestants!!!  Please contact us if you would like to participate with, volunteer at or sponsor Adobofest 2010 at

Sincerely and Gratefully,
Edgar Jimenez
President, FAN